First week of January 2021

With the nation in ‘lockdown’ once again, it will be a while before we can all get together to tackle the gardens on a Thursday morning. So it’s back to just two or three of us to keep the gardens in shape.

It’s been frosty for the first week of the year and the pond didn’t start to thaw until 9th January!

Despite the cold, we decided to make a start straight after the New Year. First up: Edging!

John’s efforts were very much appreciated by passersby

To our great delight, Snowdrops are already starting to appear, but you have to peer carefully to see them. So for now we have protected them from running kids and stray dogs by placing hoops along the area that will soon turn into a stunning drift of white blooms.

Looking around, the Gardens still have an air of autumn. There are a lot of leaves scattered over the grass, including places where bulbs are emerging. We have cleared them from the area near the library – some of them by hand! So we can start to look forward to spring when the newly planted daffodils will be flowering.

With hairdressers closed, Granny’s curls have nevertheless been pruned – sorry, I couldn’t resist that! This is just one of several popular names for Leycesteria formosa, also known as Himalayan honeysuckle. We have several of these around the Gardens and prune them hard back to just above a bud to keep them in check; they grow very quickly each year.

We have also done some tidying up of flower beds, weeding underneath the Wisteria, and discovering more Snowdrops and a few Aconites that were buried beneath thick clumps of Forget-me-nots in the bed near the pond.

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